Translation from English into Slovak

Price for 1 norm page - 1,800 characters including spaces; the price includes formating the final text into the original format and QA


Translation from Slovak into English

Price for 1 norm page



Price for 1 hour (60 min) - min. 1 hour is charged, travel costs are not included


Quantity discount

Price for 1 norm page for translation projects of min. 50 norm pages


Consultation charge (Price for 1 norm page)

Charged in case of texts where a consultation with a specialist is necessary - beyond general knowledge and internet options (a doctor, scientist)


Express translation

Price for 1 norm page delivered in 24 hours, max. 12 norm pages


Documents not exceeding 1/2 of a norm page are charged min. price for 1/2 norm page, i.e. €6.50. The price for the translation always depends on the amount (number of characters), the need for consultation and its due date. It is possible to translate 1 norm page as a specimen prior to placing a definite order.

Terms of payment - 50% of the price is payed in advance, the rest after delivering the translation / interpreting services.

If you have any questions or wish to make a non-binding calculation, please contact me via e-mail or phone number.